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Second hand news (.ii)

Nothing exceptional, I've been reading while stuck and baffled at the hospital for some health problems.

2014-09-26 litterature, coffee

Really boring, I which if my parents did know about my tastes. Tend to consider anthropology as a pure unfortunate exercise of racism and it is the case here too.

Yet, I learned new worlds unfound in dictionaries. More or less you need to read Leo Frobenius before you get a clear idea about what Césaire means.

Have some coffee today.

Freelance, Full-stack

As a child, i learned how to write code because i figured one day this internet thing would help me share my art and knowledge with nice people all over the world. Back then i would draw images on corky image manipulation programs, make bad paintings, memorize defunct 1930s and 1960s architecture books, and take pictures of neighborhood dolls with my mom's camera.
Since then, i've been to some nice schools, learned many computer skills, painted things that aren't strong bloodthirsty barbarians, lived in 3 countries, worked few years for major companies, founded another one to become a photographer, advised one minister at moroccan government, and worked independently for a couple more (and counting)..


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