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Searching with django

Implementation of Julien Philap approach to searching.

2014-12-04 django, python, search

Not very happy with django full text __search option with mysql myisam storage engine I end up using Julien Philap approach to searching. Finding a proper way to implement it in my project was not easy for a django beginner like me, but thanks to Ronaldo Bahia answer on stackoverflow I managed to proceed.

Therefore, here is the code that might help..

# views.py
def normalize_query(query_string,
    return [normspace('',(t[0] or t[1]).strip()) for t in findterms(query_string)]

def get_query(query_string, search_fields):
    query = None
    terms = normalize_query(query_string)
    for term in terms:
        or_query = None
        for field_name in search_fields:
            q = Q(**{"%s__icontains" % field_name: term})
            if or_query is None:
                or_query = q
                or_query = or_query | q
        if query is None:
            query = or_query
            query = query & or_query
    return query

def search_for_something(request):
    query_string = ''
    found_entries = None
    if ('q' in request.GET) and request.GET['q'].strip():
        query_string = request.GET['q']
        entry_query = get_query(query_string, ['field1', 'field2', 'field3']) # your search fields
        found_entries = Model.objects.filter(entry_query).order_by('-something') # your model

    return render_to_response('app/template-result.html',
            { 'query_string': query_string, 'found_entries': found_entries },
# search.html
<form class="" method="get" action="{% url 'search_for_something' %}">
    <input name="q" type="text" />
    <button type="submit">Search</button>

# results.html
{% if found_entries %}
   {% for model in found_entries %} # your model
        {{ model.field }} # your model fields
   {% endfor %}
{% endif %}
# urls.py
url(r'^results/$', 'yourapp.views.search_for_something', name='search_for_something'),

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